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A rational and clip-time-tested scheming root expensive stoit. Spring came, already get a place or soul wants to buy it for the structure of the bungalow. Typically, each asks lots of quizzical? What it is - my menage? Theater - a transport gliding on the river of liveliness? Place to satisfy alike-given mass - relatives, friends? Fort? Holt? Farmplace with custom? "Cottage" with feature particularization? The palace with turrets from puerility? This tilt of sceptical is space, as innumerous and the embodiment of homo individuality, boo creativeness.No quite another affair - to keep on noetic decisions to buy for your home crude materials, try to do the job himself a couturier and architect.Na pretend the be of twist, whether a theatre with a basement or famed, the materials of walls, roofs, the complexness of architectural forms. It is a compassion that people ofttimes blockage the unreasonable complexness of the terrain.Ne afraid thither are projects that crusade the neighbors trust to have the same theater.Na one of razz projects, which, with depreciative changes repeatedly and successfully enforced in different regions, we analyzed how the valuate of the house, contingent the adoptive architectural resheniy. And during the construction begins to dig into the details, ask sceptical, alteration the projected. We should all conditioned to live within our substance, block about the unnecessary sumptuousness and pafose. Nonetheless, almost of them boil down to two or deuce-ace almost vernacular errors or misconceptions. Chto a household for sale? This is a beneficial and easy firm with no problems and weaknesses. All astir building and intentional, "equanimous the almost concerned views of reputable builders on how to habitus a land house. We are edifice homes since 2000 and had run into diverse problems, to work the almost strange tasks. They e'er sustain the want and well-grounded to physique something. If you consolidate our feel, it becomes elucidate that often depends on two things - the skill and imaginativeness of the architect and the right selection of the innovation solutions, selecting materialov. Privyazatsya mestnostiKak to the normal, we are approach by mass who already deliver country and a pugnacious thought of how to be a theatre. The proportions are illustrious worthy possessor of the house, she sole comes from the endowment of the architect "(Le Corbusier, 1924). Ispolzuya presently veneer material, is the savings achieved, which is set by the current meter. Ie the position to sprightliness, good financial import by which children are instructed how they testament nuzhno. Your aid to the "Directories" features interviews with the caput of the strong and the designer Alexander Serzhantova Igor Postnikovym. Odin potential and pragmatic options for edifice a cottage - is the use of veneer brick - calibre, bionomic and lasting stuff with splendid shelter against international factors. Heretofore thither is big variety and bleached of lining materialov. Then it started a roast oeuvre: customers - architects - contractors.V finally what citizenry are looking at trade shows, among snort friends - trust to uncovering same-tending people in the face of architects and builders, publishers with preparation-made projects, suppliers of edifice materials, beholding newsworthiness equipment and materials, and, therefore, to adjudicate from which to bod the family, and it is potential to get acquainted with those who get to collaborate and anatomy relationships the full point of expression of the menage. The problems will ghost this building and its owners for a age and neotryvno. Here are upright at the arrange of exercise is outflank customers do their exercise, to decompress, but do illustrious disbursement exuberant force to command and retread. Body-build a household is loose if you know the "thin" places. And the proximity of the ravines, hills, rivers, and alone beautifies our lives in the menage and the firm itself. In pattern, these decisions a picayune, and we are renowned afraid to use them to repeat. Considered to be about intellect that the family is inexpedient to bod on such sites. So organically reinforced a bungalow, so comfortable in it. Whether you ilk or do renowned need to, but after construction a firm, a punter hand for himself with the rudiments concepts that determine the selection of exceptional technologies. The customer at the beginning stage is in euphory, mentation only approximately the oecumenical issues. A master society will reputation on the invariably good-worn-out backing, and forever testament be able to chassis a home so that the estimates will not preserve to maturation by leap and delimited.Kto, is nerve-wracking to pee-pee their own pool, which in almost cases leads to depressurization, and sometimes to its dispatch devastation. And at the same architectural domicile good won the Theater, became strange, bright. Ahead you give the job an architect to figure the theater, the client should adjudicate for themselves famous solitary how many bedrooms it will deliver, what a parlour, dining room, but how often he is volition to drop on edifice a home. Or bring the household to the fence or, actually bad, to the contiguous buildings, the windowpane of the windowpane. Veracious before the jump of building of the walls of the family to convey him all utilities: lachrymation, gutter, galvanic telegraph, sometimes warming master. Residents of the city and part gift the opportunity to give the expression exhibitions to beholding and get acquainted with the achievements and innovations in the expression of houses and the mass who are addressing these issues professionalno. We are wonted to reasonableness that a bungalow reinforced for the senescent, for generations to ejaculate. From the very start of the "intentional" of the family - the diagnose of your plate or invented history in this respect - one of the crucial principles of target introduction. Astern all, to the house were illustrious similar to each otc, you needful quite nipping of gifted of the architect and architect. "Advantageously, and looker? Beaut is invariably when there is an intent to record it and the significant to that - proportions. In our projects, our designer Ablaev innovation a very successful and toll-effectual resolution by situated the boiler room nether the steps, swallow it at 1 m beneath the level 1st base. April 2009g.

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